Leading Developer of Low-To-Zero District Energy Networks in City Centres

Simple to adopt Low-to-Zero Carbon (LZC) heating

Cheaper than an individual building ASHP solution

Investing £500 million over the next 5 years

Low-To-Zero Carbon (LZC) District Energy Networks in UK City Centres

  • We work alongside Local Authorities to deliver private-sector funded decarbonisation of cities, and delivery of Local Authority objectives.
  • We develop and fund city-centre district energy projects from initial feasibility study through to construction and operation, and remain the owner and operator of the projects. We focus primarily on connecting office and commercial buildings, and also the supply of bulk heat to residential developments.
  • 1Energy plans to invest more than £200m into city centre district energy projects in the UK over the next 6 years.

1Energy District Energy Project Benefits to a City

Make one of the most significant contributions to the city’s achievement of Net Zero without requiring funding from the Local Authority (1Energy fund the development and delivery of the LZC energy network)

Create a more attractive city in which to deliver new developments, owing to the lower cost of development when connecting to a distnct energy network

Deliver a significant private sector investment in the city’s Net Zero Infrastructure

Deliver huge air quality improvement, with associated health benefits (removing many MW of gas boilers from the city centre)

Enable businesses in the city to decarbonise at a lower cost than any other alternative

Demonstrate the city’s leadership in decarbonisation and innovative partnership with the private sector

Insulate users of the energy network from commodity price volatility

Deliver skills, jobs and social value into the local communities: the halo effect of the project

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