1Energy’s overarching ambition is to be a leading force in accelerating the energy transition in the United Kingdom by developing, realising, and operating Low-to-Zero Carbon district heating networks. We aim to:

  1. Build smart, sustainable, and efficient heating networks
  2. Respect and foster the environment and natural habitats around our networks
  3. Minimise our use of non-sustainable sources of fuel across our operations and continuously improve the efficiency and sustainability performance of existing networks by integrating sustainable heat sources
  4. Promote responsible development of new networks
  5. Contribute to local communities around our networks
  6. Meet highest health & safety standards
  7. Promote excellent employment standards
  8. Treat customers fairly and responsibly
  9. Promote new, industry shaping partnerships
  10. Treat our business partners fairly
  11. Uphold highest ethical standards with third parties
  12. Deploy robust systems and process to manage our business operations